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mad props to pd9soft and ezboxx
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Home of Megabbs. Cheers to Matt from PD9Soft for allowing us to use his amazing forum software as the base for the Ezboxx portal.

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Additional Notes :
MegaBBS is a great forum software. Its made in ASP.
On PD9soft, you can download MegaBBS Forum, additional softwares like ASPLadder etc.
Ezboxx Portal can be easily installed over it.
Author: Lofty
Date: 23/11/2004
URL: PD9Soft
Hits: 1926

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PD9Soft Home

PD9soft.com, the home of MegaBBS.
MegaBBS Forum

MegaBBS Forum screenshot, as installed at PD9soft support community.
MegaBBS 2.2

MegaBBS 2.2v has some great enhancements, forum search is one such example.

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